Discord Server

Our hosting provider has launched a new Discord server. A friendly community open to all to join: https://discord.gg/bQ5YEbqf46 

Website update

Tecnosam and myself have been hard at work updating the website with new graphics to make it even easier to view what we have to offer and where you can get hold of the relevant downloads. Enjoy V3D

Terms and Conditions For Use Of Blender Files

Blender Files Terms & Conditions Introduction 1.1 Users are free to download, modify, convert any Blender model files that are available on this website inline with the below terms and conditions. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions, will result in a DMCA take down request. 1.2 Upon downloading the files, you agree to the below terms and conditions. You immediately become liable...

Model Files Ready For Download

V3D has decided that the model files for his freeware buses are now to made available for public use. You will need to download the original mod and copy the texture and model folders into a new location and place the blender file in the new model folder. Users are free to release their own modifications to his buses but must credit him at all times and provide a link to this website. You must...

Digibus Phantom 1.1 Available now!

Version 1.1 of the Digibus Phantom is now available! With new features, you wont want to miss this! Overview The Phantom is based on the high-floor version of the Optare Spectra, which first appeared on British roads in 1992 and is a modern evolution of the MCW Metrobus. Optare, formally a part of United Bus (Including DAF and BOVA), purchased the rights to the 15 year old design from the...