TransBus ALX400 – London Spec

The long wait is over for one of OMSI 2’s most anticipated UK buses, the ALX400.

This particular version is based on a circa 2003 TransBus ALX400 / Dennis Trident combination with the following features:

* Full-height body
* Engine and gearbox performance based on spec sheets
* Vinyl style blinds
* Dual door operation
* Working ticket machine and cash tray
* A choice of London liveries
* Repaint templates
* Setvars for modifying your repaint

Thanks to the early donators many repaints, mods and blinds have been made. Check out the rest of the Fellowsfilm Forums for them to download.

I hope you enjoy driving this bus as much as I enjoyed making it. Have at it ;) Be sure to check out the included manual created by the amazing BusSimAddict for more info

A little History:

The ALX400 body first entered the UK market in 1996, built originally by Walter Alexander, as one of the UK’s first low-floor bus designs.

Alexander was owned at the time by the Mayflower corporation (Which included Dennis), and merged in 1998 with the Henlys Group (Which owned Plaxton) to form TransBus International. In 2004 it went into administration and Plaxton was sold off in a management buy-out. The remainder of the business was purchased by merchant bank Noble Grossart and businessmen David Murray and Brian Souter, which became Alexander Dennis Ltd. In 2007 ADL purchased Plaxton, bringing the original brands back together again.

Though the ALX 400 saw it’s biggest success’ in London, many examples of it can be seen all over the UK and in a variety of formats such as with the DAF DB250 and Volvo B7TL platforms. Production of the ALX 400 continued until 2006 when it was superseded by the new Enviro 400.

Release Date: January 2018

Current Status: Released

Price: FREE