Q: What is Digibus Preservation?

A: Digibus is a small group of people lead by V3D who take buses from the real world and turns them into fully functioning digital representations of the actual vehicle where they can never age and never be lost!

Q: What buses has V3D created and are there any other future projects?

A: V3D has made the: MAN lions city, ALX400 London and regional, B7TL variant, the ADL E200MMC regional, also, the Digibus Phantom which is an official DLC on steam!

Q: What is the release date on the WIP Buses?

A: If we have decided on a release date it will be on the page for the bus, otherwise it is to be confirmed.

Q: How much will a paticular bus cost?

A: The same as the release date; if we have decided on a price it will be on the bus page, otherwise we have not decided yet.

Q: Can I be an alpha/beta tester?

A: No! If V3D would like to have you as a tester he will ask you, not the other way around.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want V3D to make a specific bus, will he make it?

A: The answer to that is no. V3D only makes buses that mean something to him in real life.

Q: How long has V3D been creating buses for?

A: He has been digitally preserving buses since 2015.

Q: Is there a public discord for Digibus that I can join?

A: Currently not, and there aren’t plans to make one in the future.

Q: Is there a way that I can donate to V3D to help with the projects?

A: You can donate to him via Ko -Fi by clicking on this link: https://ko-fi.com/v3dstudios.

Q: Is there anywhere where I can go to see updates on V3D’s projects?

A: You can see sneak peeks into what’s going on by checking V3D’s twitter every once and a while: https://twitter.com/digibus_prsrvtn.