Version 1.1 of the Digibus Phantom is now available! With new features, you wont want to miss this!


The Phantom is based on the high-floor version of the Optare Spectra, which first appeared on British roads in 1992 and is a modern evolution of the MCW Metrobus. Optare, formally a part of United Bus (Including DAF and BOVA), purchased the rights to the 15 year old design from the defunct Metro Cammell Weymann business. The Spectra was sold exclusively on the DAF DB250RS chassis until around 1994 after which it was made available to other coachbuilders, such as Alexander and Northern Counties.


• Added new low-floor variant with kneeling front suspension, wheelchair ramp and flip seats

• All variants now have an initial choice of roller-blind, flip-dot or LED destination equipment

• Added standard height variant to standard floor bus

• Engine and axle sounds have been tweaked to improve the on-load / off-load experience

• New separate in-cab blind controllers for either rollerblinds or flip-dot and LED displays

• Higher quality rebaked interior and cab

• Optional dashboard overlays have been made to help you understand the different switch functions on dashboard at a glance

• Many textures have been converted to DDS to reduce latency and memory usage, including repaints (Though you can still choose the format of your own)

• LODs (Simplified models loaded at distance) have been made to help reduce lag when the game is loading the Phantom in AI traffic

• Seat fabric and floor now use smaller tileable textures to reduce memory footprint

• Many additional repaints have been included and are now specific to the type of blind the bus has and therefore helping you to separate older and newer livery versions easily