Digital Bus Preservation (or Digibus) is a group of like minded individuals who wish to see our nations historic buses preserved for all to enjoy. Unfortunately not all buses make it to preservation and those that do only have a limited lifespan due to the availability of spare parts. With virtual preservation, these fantastic vehicles can live on in our computers and unlike with scale models, these buses can be experienced in 1:1 glory by anyone whether you have a PCV driving licence or not or whatever age you are. The main developer, V3D, has been modelling and sound recording these buses for the last 5 years.

Latest News

Digibus Phantom 1.1 Available now!

Version 1.1 of the Digibus Phantom is now available! With new features, you wont want to miss this! Overview The Phantom is based on the high-floor version of the Optare Spectra, which first appeared on British roads in 1992 and is a modern evolution of the MCW...