About Us

Digibus Preservation, also known as Digibus, has the sole purpose of preserving old and recent public service vehicles and giving them the opportunity to live on in the digital age. For future generations of enthusiasts who have a keen interest in exploring what made them so popular in their day it is essential to keep them alive as their real world counterparts sometimes miss the opportunity of being preserved by those dedicated to the cause and fall victim to the scrap yards in the sky.

About V3D

He is a qualified PSV driver and has over 20 years experience in the bus industry. He has driven many different buses ranging from small midi-buses to bendy-buses and coaches. During his career he experienced major changes in legislation that saw older step-entrance buses replaced with more modern and efficient low-floor vehicles allowing easy access for all.

Since changing direction in his life he has developed a keen interest in 3D modelling. He took over a year to learn the free modelling application called Blender and sought to create his first bus, The MAN Lion’s City, which was very well received back in 2017.

Now with over 6 years experience he has improved his knowledge and skills dramatically with several popular recreations delivered to the OMSI 2 sim community, including the Volvo B7TL and the ADL Enviro 200.

A major milestone was reached in 2020 with the start of a relationship with major distributor Aerosoft and the release of his Digibus Phantom (Optare Spectra) on Steam. A popular place for PC gamers to purchase games and downloadable content.

What does the future hold? More quality reproductions of our favourite buses of course. The road is long.